Online Micro-credentials in Healthcare Data Analytics

Data analytics is the process of examining, cleaning, transforming, and interpreting data to uncover meaningful patterns, trends, and insights for data-driven decision-making. Our micro-credentials in healthcare data analytics are credit-bearing, consisting of two courses from the Master's in Healthcare Data Analytics program. Each micro-credential is worth six graduate credit units.

The micro-credentials are stackable toward completion of the Master’s Degree in Healthcare Data Analytics. With the completion of each micro-credential, you also earn two digital badges certifying your new skills and knowledge in key areas of healthcare data and analytics. This allows you to learn in bite-sized modules and acquire valuable job skills in as little as eight weeks.

The micro-credentials are designed for working professionals and leaders seeking focused, graduate-level expertise to advance their careers.

We currently offer six micro-credentials:

Applied Data Intelligence

The Applied Data Intelligence micro-credential provides you with techniques to bridge the gap between raw data and informed decision-making. You’ll explore complex data-driven questions and extract actionable insights, with a focus on ethical considerations.

Business Intelligence

In the Business Intelligence micro-credential, cover a range of subjects from statistical methods to strategic data warehousing strategies. You’ll gain a well-rounded understanding of responsible data usage.

Strategic Visual Analytics

The Strategic Visual Analytics micro-credential gives you the skills to leverage visual analytics tools to make informed, strategic decisions. Healthcare professionals, IT experts, students, and data scientists can learn skills to improve communication and patient outcomes, and open new career opportunities. Pre-requisites: Applied Data Intelligence and Business Intelligence micro-credentials.

Healthcare Informatics Ecosystems

The Healthcare Informatics Ecosystems micro-credential explores healthcare informatics, combining elements of data systems and service delivery. You’ll gain an understanding of healthcare-related Management Information Systems (MIS) and the impact of informatics on healthcare delivery and patient outcomes. Healthcare professionals, IT experts, students, and administrators can learn skills to effectively manage, interpret, and utilize healthcare data. Pre-requisite: Strategic Visual Analytics micro-credential.

HealthTech Administration

The HealthTech Administration micro-credential looks at the opportunities and challenges presented by technology in healthcare and delves into the leadership perspective in digital transformation strategies, HealthTech governance, and compliance. Pre-requisite: Strategic Visual Analytics micro-credentials.

Healthcare Analytics Leadership

Master healthcare data analytics and modern healthcare management strategies with the Healthcare Analytics Leadership micro-credential. You’ll gain expertise in data analytics, clinical intelligence, healthcare economics, and transformative management strategies. Healthcare executives, IT leaders, data analysts, and administrators can gain a better understanding of the technical and managerial aspects of healthcare. Pre-requisite: Strategic Visual Analytics micro-credentials.