Strategic Visual Analytics

The Strategic Visual Analytics Micro-credential is online and six graduate credits. It focuses on the intersection of data modeling, strategic decision-making, and visual communication. You will get a deep dive into how to frame data-driven questions, model analytical solutions, and communicate findings through compelling visual narratives. Specifically designed for those in data-intensive fields, the curriculum guides you through the intricacies of strategic data frameworks and the art of data visualization, particularly in healthcare contexts.

Who can benefit from learning strategic visual analytics?

Healthcare professionals can utilize this program to forecast patient requirements, tailor treatment plans, and make well-informed, evidence-based decisions, that result in better patient care and outcomes.

This micro-credential gives IT professionals and students access to the rapidly evolving field of healthcare data analytics, offering opportunities to apply their skills in a sector undergoing significant transformation and expansion.

Data scientists, in particular, gain a competitive edge by specializing in healthcare data, learning the field’s unique challenges and crafting innovative solutions.

The substantial growth of the data visualization market, projected to reach USD 19.2 billion by 2026 from USD 8.9 billion in 2021 with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 16.6%, underscores the escalating demand for skilled professionals in this area. This growth is driven by the increasing significance of data visualization in business decision-making and the need for user-friendly, cost-effective, and scalable solutions.

Pre-Requisites and Admissions

The micro-credential is fully online. You must first take both the Applied Data Intelligence micro-credential and the Business Intelligence micro-credential. Ready to apply? See our admissions page.


MDAI 604 - Analytics Data Modeling and Strategic Decisions


This course will teach a practical framework that includes creating data models, and using data analytics tools and technologies for the purpose of strategic decision-making in a modern, real-world environment. This course combines lectures with hands-on labs for the purpose of creating data models and visualizations to teach students the intricacies of data modeling and data analytics. There will be weekly lectures on various topics combined with hands-on labs so students can apply various data modeling and data analytics concepts using state-of-the-art tools. 3 credits. No prerequisites.

MDAI 614 - Health Data Visualization


This course is designed to enable students to acquire both the theoretical and technical skills to implement data visualization techniques for healthcare applications. This course focuses on the techniques, methodologies, and processes commonly used to explore and present health data to facilitate healthcare decision making. Students will learn about the data visualization process including data modeling, data processing, mapping data attributes to graphical attributes, and visual representation. Students will also learn to evaluate the effectiveness of visualization designs. Students will create their own health data visualizations, and learn to use open source data visualization tools. 3 credits. Prerequisites: Core Courses MDAI 600, MDAI 601, MDAI 602, MDAI 603, MDAI 604.


Upon successful completion of the Strategic Visual Analytics Micro-credential, you will be awarded two distinct badges, each signifying mastery in crucial areas of visual data analysis and strategic decision-making.

Decision-centric Data Frameworks

You will earn this badge after you develop an in-depth understanding of data modeling techniques focused on strategic decision-making in the Analytics Data Modeling and Strategic Decisions course. This badge recognizes your proficiency in creating data structures, ensuring data integrity, and utilizing relational databases in the context of organizational strategy. You will master decision trees, regression models, and Monte Carlo simulations, allowing you to design and implement data frameworks that drive strategic business decisions.

Data Visualization

You will receive this badge when you demonstrate your expertise in the effective visualization of health data in the Health Data Visualization course. This badge acknowledges your ability to create interactive dashboards, heat maps, and 3D plots, with a strong emphasis on user experience and data storytelling.

This micro-credential and these badges can help you transform complex data into strategic decisions and insights you can communicate and position you for success in our data-centric world.