Mary Flanagan-Kundle, DPA, PA-C

Co-Chair, Physician Assistant Programs Touro University
Chair of Assessment and Remediation, Physician Assistant Long Island

Associate Professor, Physician Assistant Programs

School of Health Sciences

image of Mary Flanagan

Mary Flanagan-Kundle is the co-chair of the physician assistant (PA) programs at the School of Health Sciences of Touro College. Dr. Flanagan-Kundle received her Bachelor of Science degree from St. John's University, a Bachelor of Science in physician assistant from United States Public Service Health Hospital, a master’s degree in physician assistant studies and an advanced certificate in healthcare management from Stony Brook University. A practicing PA for 37 years, Dr. Flanagan-Kundle works in family practice medicine and is experienced in cardiothoracic surgery, emergency medicine, pediatrics, family practice and spinal scoliosis surgery.

Teaching Responsibilities

  • MPAN 628 Essential Diagnostic Modalities and Clinical Procedures
  • MPAN 673 Clinical Medicine IV (Correlative Medicine)
  • MPAN 659 Master's Capstone
  • MPAN 636 Clinical Skills / Summative Eval